Top 21 Nutrition Articles of 2023

Top 21 Nutrition Articles of 2023

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Read on to see our most popular blog posts of 2023

Top Nutrition Articles 2023

Reflecting on the standout moments from this year’s top nutrition blog posts, we extend our gratitude to you for being a part of our journey and engaging with our community over the past year. At Health Stand Nutrition, our goal is to empower others to cultivate a healthful and soulful connection with food and the body. Throughout the year, we’ve covered a variety of evidence-based information on topics ranging from meal planning strategies and diet trends to nutrition across all age groups.

Discover which articles resonated the most with our audience in 2023. Click on the title or image to dive into the full blog post. Which are your favourite reads from this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

The Top Processed Foods to KEEP in Your Diet

A processed food is simply the act of taking a simple food and altering it slightly or significantly to add convenience, preserve it, or change how something tastes. Although processed food is often thought of as unhealthy, there are plenty of processed foods that not only make healthy eating easier but also offer excellent nutrition you can feel good about. Read on to learn more about the top processed foods to keep in your diet.

Processed foods that you should eat

Does Magnesium Help With Sleep?

You may have heard about the relationship between magnesium and sleep. This article does a deep dive into what magnesium is, the most recent research surrounding magnesium for sleep, and whether magnesium supplements are beneficial for you. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of magnesium!

The Benefits of Magnesium

Why the Body Mass Index (BMI) is Flawed & The History of its Origins

You’ve may have heard of Body Mass Index (BMI) after a trip to the doctor’s office, but do you know the history around it and wonder about its accuracy? Learn the sad truth about this (unfortunately) common practice in many primary care clinics and doctor’s offices. Read on to learn why exactly it’s problematic.

Someone standing on a scale to measure their body mass index (BMI)

Everything You Need to Know About Canada’s New Alcohol Guidelines

How much alcohol is too much when it comes to health and disease risk? Canada’s new drinking guidelines are out! Learn about the new evidence on the significance of alcohol-related disease risk and what you can do for preventative care.

Canada's New Drinking Guidelines

Top Superfoods for Menopausal Women

Perimenopause and menopause brings out many changes for women in the short term and the long term. In this blog post, learn how nutrition can play an important role in helping manage menopause symptoms and nourishing superfoods you can add to your everyday diet to feel your best.

Superfoods for Menopause Symptoms

Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Everyday Eats!

There is a lot of misinformation in the media on what inflammation and how it relates to nutrition. In this blog post, we uncover evidence-based information on what inflammation is, how diet and nutrition are related to inflammation, examples of anti-inflammatory foods to eat and inflammatory foods to limit in your diet.

Nutrition for Inflammation

ADHD Diet: Detailed Guide to Nutrition for ADHD

Chances are you know someone that has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and wonder if there is a specific ADHD diet for kids or adults to follow.  You might also be confused about supplements for ADHD and if there are certain foods you should be avoiding. Read this detailed Registered Dietitian guide about food and supplements for ADHD.

ADHD Diet and Nutritionist

Dietitian Tips on How to Reduce Bloating

Clients often ask our dietitians “why am I so bloated?!” and are searching for tips on how to reduce bloating and improve their overall digestive health. Keep reading this blog post to find out various reasons you might be experiencing bloating, when it’s normal, and 7 key tips for relieving bloating.

woman in white holding her abdomen trying to reduce bloating

Exploring Body Positivity vs. Body Neutrality

For those who feel like they’ve been at war with their body or those who feel like their body is not true to their authentic self, practicing body love is not an easy next step. If this is you, you might consider practicing body neutrality rather than body positivity. Explore their important differences and more in this blog post!

women standing next to each other exhibiting body positivity

How to Set Up a Healthy Freezer

An organized freezer can help you minimize food waste, reduce spending, reduce meal preparation time and lower weekday stress. If you currently have a freezer but frequently lose or forget things or want to figure out some healthy ingredients and meals to put in your freezer, then this article is for you.

Healthy ingredients and meals stored in the freezer

A Dietitian’s Digestive Toolkit for Eating Disorder Recovery

Digestive issues are very common for some people during eating disorder recovery. In fact, up to 98% of individuals with an eating disorder also have a functional gut disorder. In this post, learn all about how to build your digestive health toolkit with the help of these 10 digestive issue tips in eating disorder recovery. 

Eating disorder digestive issues tips and strategies

Dietitian Recommended Diet for Gout

Curious to learn how diet and nutrition influence gout, what foods to eat and limit when you have gout and more? Keep reading this blog post for the inside scoop on everything you need to know about nutrition for gout, by a registered dietitian.

Diet for gout - foods to avoid, gout nutrition and more

6 Tips to Help You Identify Nutrition Misinformation

Are you often left confused and tired of trying to decipher online nutrition information? Keep reading to find out strategies to help you identify and sift through nutrition misinformation that can help you deduce the right from the wrong. We lead you through helpful tips that are sure to leave you feeling more confident about making the right choices for you and your health!

How to Identify Nutrition Misinformation Online

Nutrition Spotlight: Legumes

Whether you are vegetarian or not, incorporating more plant-based protein sources into your diet can be beneficial. This blog post is all about legumes! Keep reading to find out more about what legumes are, whether to purchase canned or dried, how to use them, and 10 ways to incorporate lentils into your diet along with some fun snack and dinner ideas.

10 Ways to Include Legumes into Your Diet

What to do Instead of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating can include all types of eating including eating for celebration, eating as a form of procrastination, eating out of boredom, stress, or eating to help soothe an underlying emotion such as loneliness or anger. Keep reading for tips for identifying your emotional eating behaviours and ideas for what to do instead.

What to do instead of emotional eating woman coloring

Is Sugar Bad For You?

Is sugar bad for you? We get this question and variations of this question asked on a regular basis. It’s a common worry in society. In this post, CEO Andrea Holwegner answers some of your burning sugar questions to help you sort out the confusion on if sugar is okay to eat, how much of it is recommended, if sugar substitutes are harmful, and more!

Sugary foods on a table. All foods contain sugar

Menstrual Cycle and Nutrition: Aligning Nutrition To Your Menstrual Cycle – Part 1

When your period arrives, it truly can be a challenging time. With the many symptoms that accompany periods, it may be hard to bring yourself to cook healthy meals for yourself, opting for easier but less healthy alternatives. However, optimal nutrition and other lifestyle changes can support you having a smoother menstrual phase. Read this post to learn more!

Woman eating while menstruating

Sports Nutrition Supplement: Beta-Alanine

In the world of sport nutrition, athletes are often wondering what else they can be doing to boost their performance. Beta-alanine has become a common dietary supplement, used by athletes and bodybuilders, to help improve training and performance. In this post, learn everything you need to know about this amino acid and how it may benefit you.

Beta-alanine on a counter with a dumbbell weight.

20 Ways to Add More Protein Into Your Diet as a Vegetarian 

Are you looking for new ways to add more vegetarian protein sources to your diet? Whether you’re vegetarian or are looking to add more variety to your diet, these protein options will keep you fueled! Keep reading for a quick summary of vegetarian protein sources and some ways to include them in meals and snacks! 

20 vegetarian protein meals and snacks

Nutrigenomics Diet: Using DNA to Personalize Diets

How well does your body absorb vitamin D from the sun? Nutrigenomics may provide you with that answer. Nutrigenomics focuses on the relationship between nutrition and genomic expressions. It explains the influence of genetic variations on the response to food and how it could contribute to disease susceptibility. Learn all about this topic here!

DNA strand made out of fruit to represent nutrigenomics

Everything You Need To Know About Protein Powders And Supplements

When it comes to protein powders, there is so much confusion around what they are and how they can best be used. This blog post has everything you need to know about protein powders to help you make an informed decision on whether to include these in your diet. Keep reading to learn how they could benefit you!

woman putting protein powder in a cup

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