Dietitian’s 12 Favorite Buys From Costco

Dietitian's 12 Favorite Buys From Costco

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Last year I shared my favorite buys from Trader Joe’s, now my intern Nicole and I are sharing our favorite staples from Costco! Costco is most known for their bulk options sold at affordable prices. Each time I shop here I am pleasantly surprised with their variety of options, specifically their organic and allergen-free items. Costco is a great place to grab these options, especially if planning to buy in larger quantities. Here we’ve come up with our top choices, including both fresh foods and pantry items that can be incorporated in many different recipes.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Costco allows me to pick from an array of organic produce at affordable prices. They have a large selection of both organic whole produce as well as pre-washed and chopped options. Grabbing chopped vegetables is a convenient way to decrease your prepping time in the kitchen. I especially love buying this spinach in bulk, since I use it so often in smoothies.

Frozen Fruit & Vegetables:

Buying frozen fruits and vegetables is a great alternative when certain produce items are out of season. Frozen produce has a comparable nutrient content compared to fresh and can be used in many ways. My favorite uses of frozen produce is in smoothies and stir-fry. The mango chunks and frozen mixed berries are always great deals at my local Costco.

Nut Butters:

Costco offers a wide variety of nut butters at affordable prices. When buying nut butters such as peanut or almond butter, I recommend checking the ingredient list to make sure the nut (and maybe some salt) is the only ingredient. Avoid nut butters that have added sugar, palm oils, or additional preservatives. 


Along with nut butters, there is a large offering of nuts. Some nuts such as almonds and peanuts also come in single serving packages. Nuts and seeds are a staple in my house as they provide healthy fats, protein and other nutrients. My go-to is definitely pistachios and cashews.


I use seeds in so many dishes. Hemp seeds, flaxseed, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds are some of my personal favorites, many of which you can find in bulk at a great price.

Canned Foods:

This time of year especially I find myself making a lot more soups and crockpot recipes. Costco’s organic options of canned beans, lentils and diced tomatoes are staples for those recipes and can be used as a side to many other dishes. 

Avocado Oil Spray:

The main fats I use when cooking are avocado and olive oil. This avocado oil spray is one of my favorites to use – the only ingredient is avocado oil.

Broths & Stocks:

As I mentioned before, I cook a lot of soup and crockpot recipes this time of year. Costco provides a variety of low-sodium and organic chicken, beef, and vegetable broths which can be used as a broth base in many recipes. 

Lotus Foods Organic Ramen:

Another staple dish in my house is my Vegetarian Ramen Bowl. Using these ramen noodles allows me to create a gluten-free noodle dish that is a healthy alternative to standard ramen noodle packs.    

Dave’s Killer Bread:

This bread is a great whole grain option that includes additional seeds to make a hearty and filling choice. For me personally it’s impossible to eat this much bread before both loaves go bad, but you could freeze one of them or it would be great for large families.

Organic coconut milk:

I typically use coconut milk in soups, curries, and other crock pot dishes. Coconut milk can also replace cream in baked recipes. It has a rich taste and provides a dairy free option to substitute in cooking. 

Oats & Muesli:

These options are two of my favorites for quick and easy breakfasts. Oats can also be used in a ton of recipes like my post-workout recovery bites or monster cookies. 

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