The BFSN Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

Our annual Holiday Gift Guide for athletes is HERE!

Every year, we have the most fun compiling and curating the perfect holiday gift guide for the active people in our lives (ok, it’s also for us, if we’re being honest!) and sharing it with you!

Let us take the guess work out of what to gift to your loved ones who love to move, or what to ask for when the inevitable “What do you want for the holiday?” questions start.

We have a little something for everyone here. This year, we have a special new addition highlighting things we love right in our backyard, in our Local Love section, so all of our WNY friends can shop local.

We hope you enjoy this gift guide as much as we enjoyed collaborating to create it for the holidays!

Tis’ the Season

Holiday gift guide for the fast foodie

Holiday Gift Guide For the Fast Foodie

  1. Run Fast Eat Slow, Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow, and Rise & Run are great cookbooks for active people. We love the whole anthology but any one would be a great stand alone gift!
  2. This Zavor Lux multi cooker does it all, and in tests, does it 15 min faster than Instant Pot. Perfect for busy nights and meal prep.
  3. These OXO Silicone Muffin Cups make muffins a breeze! They’re more eco friendly than paper, easy to clean and are perfect for egg muffins, superhero muffins and of course, cupcakes.
  4. Skratch Labs Pineapple Hydration Drink Mix is a new flavor with some seriously delicious benefits! A BFSN favorite … we don’t think you can go wrong with any Skratch flavor!
  5. We love soup, so you know we love Souper cubes! You can freeze bulk prepped soups and broth, pop them out of the mold, and store them in a bag, freeing up your precious Tupperware!
  6. Le Creuset feels so luxurious, and Em & Michelle both love having their sweet little garlic keepers on the kitchen counter.

Holiday gift guide for the gear lover

Gifts for the Gear Lover

  1. Hydroflask bottles make hydrating easy and fun! Lot’s of customization options from a variety of colors, lids to engraving. Plus, water stays so cold!
  2. Aftershokz Air Headphones are awesome! Using bone conduction technology, these headphones are safe for running when you need to be aware.
  3. Craft Hybrid Weather gloves are great for cool temperature running! We love the hybrid glove that is part 5 finger, part mitten, but all the Craft gloves are great.
  4. Noxgear Tracer2 Visibility vest gives you 1/4 mile visibility, is rechargeable, and is like wearing a disco party every time you train!
  5. Aloveco Outdoor Running LED vest is a safety light that will illuminate the path in front of you, is USB rechargeable and makes you look like Iron Man!
  6. FlipBelt belt is a running belt that does NOT bounce and can hold a ton of stuff (including small bottles) & even a has a clip for keys!
  7. TYR Backpack is amazing for any sport with a lot of space and pockets. Our favorite part is the zippered compartment where you can put your wet & sweaty clothes you want to keep away from your other items. Nat loves this bag as a triathlete!

Gifts for the fit fashionista

Holiday Gift Guide For the Fit Fashionista

  1. TracksmithTurnover Tights (M/W) are amazing for chilly endurance! The fabrics are warm but wicking and stay put for your long efforts.
  2. Lululemon Energy Bra High Support is a great top for runners and is high neck enough to be a great spin/cycling option as well to keep the girls in place so you can focus on pace!
  3. Pearl Izumi Versa Barrier Jacket is a great jacket for layering to protect from wind and rain and has hidden hand mitts- no need for extra gloves. Both M & W styles available.
  4. Bombas Performance socks are soft, breathable, have strategic padding and for every pair bought, a pair is given! M & W styles.
  5. Oiselle Firecracker Reflective Earband is a multitasker. Visibility, ear protection and hairband for flyaway control.
  6. We know Figs is a scrub company, but this On Shift Sherpa jacket is amazing for athletes because it has 12 super functional pockets and is a cozy thermal that keeps your core warm after a chilly effort!  Both M & W styles.

Holiday gifts for the recovery lover

Gifts for the Recovery Lover

  1. Therabody Theragun Mini is a compact version of the beloved percussion therapy tool. Its price point and portability make it accessible.
  2. Oiselle Lux Life Robe is perfect for cold morning post run coffee sipping, or for optimizing cozy on your recovery day.
  3. Hoka One One Ora Recovery shoes (M & W) are cushion-y, comfy and super breathable. You pretty much won’t wanna take these off!
  4. Yoga Tune Up  is a modality for sports recovery. Emily especially LOVES the coregeous ball. This kit is a great deal and includes a book for how to use it, but you can also take classes that use the props online.
  5. Normatec 2.0 Legs is the ultimate gift for the athlete in your life! This compression unit is great for reinvigorating tired legs, and is beloved by athletes of all levels.
  6. Verilux Happy Lamp helps to regulate the circadian rhythm and helps with Vitamin D levels. This is especially awesome if you happen to live somewhere that winter means less sunshine!
  7. Briogeo Scalp Revival Set Between sweaty gym hair and dry weather, winter can take such a toll on your scalp. This kit was such a life saver for Em last winter and comes with a lil massager tool which feels amazing!

Stocking stuffers for athletes

Stocking Stuffers For Athletes and Active People

  1. Our love of Nuun Sport knows no limits. This electrolyte rich tablet is perfect to add to water, and fits nicely in a stocking!
  2. A VSCO sticker kit is a perfect stocking stuffer to pair with the brand new Hydroflask you gave! You can also find great stickers on Etsy for their specific interests.
  3. Gift cards are a great option! The Feed is a website that is perfect for trialing a lot of nutrition products for your race season!  We also recommend gift cards to support local providers like chiropractors, yoga studios, spin studios, massage therapists of course, BFSN!
  4. Yoga Balm is a muscle rub that is awesome for muscles, and can also help to clear sinuses in the thick of sniffle season! If you’re local to Buffalo, you can also frequently find this in stock at BOSA, one of our faves!
  5. Goodr sunglasses are awesome for activity, and don’t fog up! The color and style options are endless and a great price!
  6. An electric hand warmer is such a simple luxury!! This has been amazing for Nat,  and could be useful for super cold days running or walking (or cheering on your favorite team in the cold….Go Bills!… just saying!)

Local Love 

Local Love

Highlighting some of our favorites from the 716! Shop small and share the buffalove!

  1. Dynamic Chiropractic Dr. Gellar is an amazing provider who offers more than just adjustments! In addition to traditional chiropractic treatments which include soft-tissue release, spinal decompression, and physical rehabilitation for the active and athletic.
  2. Braymiller Market & Deli For 70 years, Braymiller’s has been bringing fresh produce and specialty foods from your neighbors to your table. Southtowners can pop in to their Hamburg hub, and their Downtown market is a favorite for Nat & Michelle to pop in and grab snacks or dinner prep after team meetings!
  3. Love & Sprockets is our favorite local bike shop, with locations for our southtowns friends in Hamburg, and our northtowns friends in East Amherst. Cyclists and multisport (triathlon, duathlon) athletes, this is a great spot for gear and meet ups!
  4. Flowered Wellness CBD Spa in Orchard park has a variety of practitioners under one roof to provide wholesome care. Em loves this spa, where a variety of wellness practices are available to customize your care and experience.
  5. BKindCity East Coast street style meets West Coast vibes with this feel good/feels good unisex apparel brand that hosts vibey yoga and community gatherings. They just opened a home base in Larkinville.
  6. Prescribed Motion is a boutique physical therapy and fitness studio helping active individuals feel better and move better. We love their approach to pain, injury recovery and fitness!
  7. Lumos Sauna From Orchard Park all the way to Rochester, Lumos infrared sauna has a spot for you to sweat! Our resident Southerner Michelle loves to get warm in the winter with this detoxifying sweat experience.

Free gifts

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts That Cost Nothing

  1. Make a playlist with the recipient in mind for their next run or recovery session with music they love, and a few of your faves mixed in!
  2. Make a date for training together! Give them a card with a promise to run, ride or yoga together when they choose!
  3. Offer to watch their kids/pets/plants, or fulfill a task or chore for them so that they can prioritize a long training session without worry!

BeFueled Sports Nutrition holiday gift guide for athletes and active people

Happy Holidays, from the BFSN Family to you & yours!


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