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The TRUTH about Bread

One of the biggest misconceptions about eating a “healthy diet” is that you have to give up all your
favorite comfort foods. And there’s one comfort food most people find almost impossible to give up.
In nearly every country, bread is served in some form at breakfast (toasts, bagels, donuts, pastries,
croissants), lunch (sandwiches, paninis), dinner (baguettes and rolls)… and as a snack (crackers and
The great news is you don’t have to give up your favorite breads to follow a healthy, low-carb or
ketogenic diet… you just have to choose healthy bread.
Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is “gluten-free.” Unfortunately, most gluten-free bread is
just as bad (and probably worse) for you as the regular kind.
In fact, most gluten-free bread spikes your blood sugar MORE than sugar itself!
It’s no wonder a study, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, showed that 81 percent
of subjects following a gluten-free diet GAINED weight after two years!
And that’s not the only reason to avoid most gluten-free bread and other snacks. You’ll discover another
MAJOR reason to avoid these foods on this page
But it’s not all bad news today, because you’ll also discover how to use “intelligent ingredients” so you
can actually enjoy your favorite bread, sandwiches and pizza – 100 percent guilt free!

And the best part is that these breads can actually support your success on KETO – because they’re very
low in carbs and rich in healthy, slimming fats!
Discover the dangerous lies you’ve been told about bread… PLUS dozens of healthy makeovers that
you must see – and taste – to believe!

 Did you know that one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease is triggered by a specific
compound (NOT gluten) that is found in wheat bread? Discover what it is… and how you can enjoy
healthy KETO BREADS today!
And be sure to check out the BEST grain-free bread ever created – Real-Deal Keto Bread. You won't
believe how authentically-delicious healthy bread can be until you've tried this one. Well, the Rosemary
Focaccia is pretty darn good too… (Heck, they all are… just click over and have a look).

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