The Beauty of the Bowl


I recently shared a post on Instagram about red flags in nutrition, and the reaction was incredible!

People are speaking out against diet culture louder than ever, especially as it pertains to active populations. And, we are thrilled to join in that conversation by teaching you how to normalize eating real foods, and not restricting yourself from any certain macronutrient (Hello, carbs! We love you!).

It’s a real pet peeve when looking for healthful, satisfying recipes to fuel performance to overwhelmingly come across things labeled as “weight loss” and “guilt free” when what I’m seeking is “nourishing” and “balanced”.  Kara Goucher, decorated distance runner and American course record holder for the NYC Marathon, posted about treating the one body we have with love and nourishment to perform at its best. And, much like my Twitter post, whew, it has RESONATED with the active community.

So, lets chat…what IS a healthy recipe?

It’s one that contains a solid mixture of macronutrients and micronutrients, is balanced, and most importantly, is enjoyable to eat!

We have a great resource for building a performance plate here. But sometimes, you just want to know what to throw together to make that healthy, satisfying and delicious meal in a snap. When I realized what a nerve this topic hit with all of you, I just knew it was time to create a resource for fueling your fall training. 

How to fuel your fall training with a delicious, nutritious bowl:

Is there anything more satisfying than a big bowl of something delicious waiting for you after a run or bike ride, especially as the temperatures drop and the leaves get crunchy under your feet while that golden hour sunshine drenches your scenery in fall perfection?

Bowls are an incredible option for endurance athletes for so many reasons. First, they are the perfect vehicle to include vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins. And, if you add some broth, you’ll also get minerals and hydration! But, that’s not the only reason bowls are a hit with busy athletes.

They are also versatile rock stars, allowing you to use those neglected veggies languishing in the crisper drawer before they go bad. Or, they allow you to re-purpose last night’s leftovers into a whole new meal with minimal prep and effort. They also lend themselves well to batch prepping, if you’re the kind of plan-ahead person who loves to make a big batch of protein or grains and use them throughout the week. 

Here at BeFueled Sports Nutrition, we seriously love a bowl, so we wanted to share with you some of our favorite bowl-inspo!

The Beauty of The Bowl is here to fuel that craving for healthy, without all the obnoxious diet culture hashtags!

The beauty of the bowl is that there’s no wrong way to assemble one, so you can literally be as creative as you like. Often, the best bowls end up being the ones that you had no plan for and had to ad-lib a meal. We hope you enjoy making these nourishing and delicious meals, but even more, we hope they are the spring board for you getting creative and finding your own spin on a filling and fun bowl! We hope you have as much fun with these bowls as we did tasting and compiling them for you ???? If you make a bowl, tag us on Instagram @sportsrd_nat – We’d love to see it!


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